Formidable Photography Company Logo

Founded in 2008, Formidable Photography have been taking urban landscape and architecture photos in striking locations and sharing them on their photography blog ever since. 

Their blog was no longer fit for purpose for several reasons, such as a lack of responsive design, meaning that the site did not display correctly on mobile devices and tablets and it was difficult to share posts easily to social media. 

The team at Formidable came to Quarry & Castle with very clear design requirements: 

  • A clean, crisp, modern design that first and foremost showcased the photos being displayed. 
  • Formidable’s existing branding, logos etc had to be reflected in the site. 
  • The site needed to load quickly across all devices, even if the site was image intensive. 
  • Formidable did not want to lose any of the previous 12 years of posts that were already on the site, any new design had to ensure that the existing content was not negatively impacted. 
  • Any new design had to have the potential to be integrated into a completely new portfolio & print sale site under consideration. 
  • Integration with the existing Formidable Photography social media presence was key.

Over to Quarry & Castle’s web team!

  • A clean, modern and informative responsive design was chosen for the site, matched to the existing Formidable branding. This design ensured that Formidable’s photography took centre stage, becoming the focus of the blog. 
  • The existing site was migrated to Quarry & Castle professional hosting setup via Siteground, massively improving the site’s general performance and security. 
  • The entire existing blog posts were migrated to the new design, ensuring no content was lost. All existing content was automatically checked for dead/missing images & failed links as part of the migration and corrected before the new site went live. 
  • The existing content and all new content is automatically optimised for the best performance by Siteground’s integrated optimisation tools, ensuring a lightning-quick site load time. 
  • Social media share functionality is built-in, allowing the user to quickly share the blog’s posts onto Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more sites. 
  • The site’s SEO functionality was completely overhauled and the existing content reviewed to boost the site’s performance in SERPs. 
  • An ability to schedule blog posts was added, meaning that content can easily be prepared well in advance, then published when specified.

Feedback from Formidable and their clients on the new site:

“…love the clean design and use of white space…”

“…blisteringly fast compared to the old site!”

“…delivered on time, on budget and to our quality standards…”

Quarry & Castle  are extremely pleased with the outcome of our partnership with Formidable Photography. The high-quality requirements specified for this site have proven to be a test of both our design & hosting abilities and we are pleased to say that Formidable Photography have given the green light to us designing and hosting their new portfolio and print site. We look forward to continuing our partnership and will share the new site with you as soon as it is launched!


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