This post is for those of us that spend a lot of time creating and setting up WordPress sites. For every site you create, there is normally a set of plugins that you install time after time, which normally fall into these categories:

Remembering which of these plugins you use and the process of searching for them via the WordPress interface can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. I’ve found a much easier process, via the wordpress.org site.

This post assumes you already have an account created on wordpress.org.

  1. Find the plugin you want to add at wordpress.org/plugins/

2. We’re using Yoast Duplicate Post as our example


3. Select the relevant plugin from the list returned.


4. Click the heart icon to favourite the plugin

6. Go to the new site you’re creating and from the wp-admin dashboard, go Plugins > Add New


7. At the Add Plugin screen, click Favourites, type in your wordpress.org username and click Get Favourites


8. All the plugins you have favourited on your wordpress.org account will now display and it’s just a matter of clicking Install now on the plugins you need for this install!


This  process allows you to have a curated list of your favourite/most useful plugins, in one centralised location that can be accessed from anywhere.

The Quarry & Castle ‘favourites’ list is here and is regularly updated and added to, so you can see what we consider WordPress essentials. Will you find this process useful, or do you know of an even easier way to install all of your WordPress plugins? Comment below and let us know…


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